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When we address all the facets of our health, and our past deeds, in the context of this lifetime, we must, invariably observe the laws of cause and effect.

Within the framework of REIKI, all healing is a re-balancing of many layers of our bodies, of which there are a few beyond our normal scope of understanding.

We have a physical, astral, causal, mental and etheric body, layered one upon each other, corresponding to the system of chakras (energy centers), and ironically, to the colors of the rainbow.

As each one is affected by internal or external forces, all have a trickle-down effect...with the physical body being the last to be affected, contributing to our balance (wellbeing) or its opposite, imbalance.

REIKI has to work within the "rules" of the laws of cause and effect (Karma). If the client is to experience any form of health, to redress past actions, they will.

If a client is to experience only perfect health, they will.

If a client is to experience only a brief period of re-adjustment, they will.

If a client is to endure a more prolonged re-adjustment, they will.

So why receive a REIKI treatment, if this is a "carved in stone" path we each must travel?

Karma can be an opportunity to understand exactly why we have "contracted" to experience any of a myriad of situations.

REIKI gives us a clearer vision of the many layers of healing that must occur to accept our present situation in grace and courage.

REIKI operates on all levels, from the spiritual to the physical, and is thorough in its effects, leaving nothing un-addressed.

For example, if a client is repeatedly prone to heart irregularities, I first advise that they see a physician to address any serious complications.

After ruling out any life-threatening complications, I will proceed with the REIKI treatment, to assess the client's ability to self-heal, which, when given the best opportunity, we can all self-heal, come back into balance, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

The way REIKI works, is to re-awaken the client's own ability to heal themselves.

It is possible for me to ascertain the original cause of the imbalance,

as I am able to view past lives.

By bringing to light the basic nature of the action by the client, it is actually the first step in accepting responsibility for that action, and nothing more. There need be no drama, or guilt, or anything of an emotional nature associated with the resultant understanding, only acceptance. That is the first stage of healing. To attach any more emotional baggage, is counter-productive for the healing process, in fact, it can actually prolong the healing process.

If we have long lingering imbalance, with a lot of emotional attachment to it, the length of time to "let it go" is not pre-determined.

Anybody can release a long-term imbalance with the right intention to do so. As Karma is in the "mix", it may be experienced as an increase in feeling it more acutely, but for a shorter period of time.

No two clients will experience the same duration or degree of re-balancing, even having the same basic issue.

It is my intention to help my clients in understanding why they are experiencing any imbalance.

I have made some adjustments regarding how I approach the dialogue with my clients, in view of the role Karma plays in our lives and well-being.

May we all come to understand the meaning of this life, in relation with all our most "impressionable" past lives.

Life need not be a mysterious one, we can heal on many levels.


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