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The basic principles of healing with crystals and other stones is vastly different than the mainstream allopathic field of medicine, which is one of symptomatic relief only.

I have chosen to use the benefits of REIKI,

coupled with the application of particular stones during the treatment, to create greater energy flow,

for the client to heal themselves.

The application of stones during healing treatments,

is a simple, yet effective one, that has been used for centuries.

Placing one or more stones in strategic places on the body,

creates a different outcome, than if they had never been introduced.

Stones emit energy that has been stored, in a variety of ways,

depending on their own growth patterns.

A square stone will radiate its energy differently than a round stone.

All stones emit their energy in a very consistent pattern.

If a person is sensitive to minor energy fluctuations in and around their body, they are far more likely feel the variety of sensations while holding the stones, or by placing them on the body.

Some people experience them as a tingling sensation, while others experience a more gentle, breeze -like feeling, flowing over the skin.

The size of the stone is not always indicative of how much energy it not always better, the most powerful stones in my collection, are the size of a pea. Surprised?

So was I when I first held it in my hand.

The use of terms such as energy, frequencies, chakras, meridians, and other terms may sound like a foreign language, but they are a necessary vocabulary for those beginning to understand the world of alternative healing.

****One need not understand these terms and their usage in order to receive the benefits of REIKI. It is similar to knowing the mechanics of our car, when having it repaired, to be able to communicate in 'that language'.


s we begin to learn and think in new ways about re-gaining our health, we need to open our minds to a completely different set of ways to perceive what is actually occurring.

This can be a challenge for many, as we have been indoctrinated by the mainstream medical field, with it's basic premise of treating symptoms, and not the cause of the 'disease' I have come to experience... as 'imbalance'.

These terms are now becoming more main-stream in the scientific world,

as we are now beginning to see that energy is real, sustainable, and powerful enough to affect us in ways we are only beginning to realize.

The process of acknowledging and experiencing energy flow, fluctuations, and application... will enable us to see that we are able to heal ourselves, given the right information, and the most conducive atmosphere in which to heal.

The most remarkable changes in my client's health,

began when they were presented with a simple fact---

that any imbalance, can 'leave' as quickly, as it 'arrived'...

Also, that spontaneous healings and remissions were far more possible,

when/if they were ready to release their need to hold it in place....mentally.

Getting to the root cause of imbalances and blockages (pain) in the body is my main focus, because that is where the most change is allowed to occur. Particular stones help with this diagnostic process, and as a result, can help to shorten the length of time it takes to regain our health.

The application of certain minerals (stones) can activate our own inherent powers to self-heal...

Depending on how the stones are formed in the Earth, the way they work during the in direct correlation with the actual way they work energetically to release blockages, correcting and redirecting energy flows along the normal energy pathways, so that the restoration of balance in the body becomes possible.

I use mainstream, proven stones in my treatments,

stones that have provided an energy field conducive to affect change,

...whether that is for a long period of time, or a brief period of time...

everyone heals at different rates, depending on many different influences.

In my experience with clients, imbalances that took many years to accumulate, will (in most cases) require a longer period of time to remove.

But that is not always the case, nor is it an acceptable excuse to hold onto any imbalance.

One of the marvels of the REIKI treatment, is that the process continues after the treatment is one is sure as to the reason why this happens.

****I have a theory that postulates that the STONES help with the process of the 'continuation' of the treatment, especially if certain stones are worn after the treatment, to facilitate the process already placed during treatment.

*****There are many factors contributing to the healing process.

The #1 the willingness and ability to agree to allow the imbalance to dissipate.

Certain stones work more effectively to ease the residue (pain) of trauma, whether it is mental, or physical.

All stones can be used during the whole treatment, or in part, depending on the changes in the client during the treatment.

Other stones work to move and remove blockages, which are usually indicated as sites of physical pain.

Current injuries are usually easier to let go of, as they have not been in our mind for as long a period of time.

The severity of injury or imbalance, and the length of time the client has had it, will determine my choice of stone with which to augment the treatment. The length of time for each stone's application during the treatment, differs from client to client.

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