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In these challenging times, we are reminded daily of the most important things in our lives.

#1 is our relationship to ourselves

#2 is our relationship to our chosen idea of SOURCE

#3 is our relationship to others

Many people choose one or two, over the one that may be most important to them.

Ignoring the best choice(s) can cause a myriad of emotional problems that manifest in physical

ways in the body, over the years.

I could stop right there, and keep it simple, but let's delve into this well of ideas, to learn more about these areas from a slightly different perspective.

Being able to care for ourselves without reservations, is a concept that is "hard-wired" to our sense of survival. Many of us ignore the signals our bodies give us, and eventually, it begins to serve us less and less in ways that are optimal.

It is easy for many people to become confused by the pull of distractions, letting other points of interest take the front seat, leaving us an unwilling "back-seat driver."

How many times are we distracted in a 24-hour period?

"This person needs this, I should do that for that person, if I don't get over to see "her", I will hear about it later." Sound familiar? Of course it does, if we have family and friends and a job.

Depending on what we focus on, at any given time of the day, we choose one activity over another, hundreds of times a day.

When do we take time for ourselves? After we are exhausted and fatigued, on the brink of ill-health?

We can only do a certain amount of activities in a 24-hour period, right?

Sure, Superwoman can juggle five or six things at a time, but I think fictional characters have the benefit of being exactly that--fictional. Put through these rigours for days on end, the body will eventually say, "STOP", I need a break. Add to the equation the stressors of these uncertain times, and you have a recipe for breakdowns--physical, mental, and emotional.

We need to find time, realistically, we need to MAKE time in which we come back to our best selves.

I believe we can, and should set aside more time every day for silent reverie, contemplation, peace and quiet.

Drinking from the well of self-nurturance, is the precious gift we give ourselves to maintain our equilibrium in this changing world. It has everything to do with how we treat others, as a result.

Which brings us to #2--

I find my REIKI self-sessions in the context of alone time to be of immense importance. We are power-houses of energetic tendencies that can create either tranquility or chaos for ourselves and others.

As a result of my choice to spend more time in silence, the long-distance REIKI sessions I give to others has taken on a different essence. Receiving positive feedback from clients regarding this change for the better, especially those that have been seeking my advice for years, is proof positive that time spent in silence while giving myself a REIKI treatment has improved this skill. Without this crucial self-healing, my ability to improve would be greatly compromised, and the flow to others in the REIKI sessions would begin to stagnate, or stop entirely.

As important as #1 and #2, #3 is where it gets "sticky"...

Let's assume we are spending plenty of time in our daily lives to create a place of harmonious "interplay," that produces a feeling that all is well with ourselves.

We know the "hurricanes" that are spinning outside our bedroom door, and beyond, are inevitable.

However, it is how deeply we have connected to our purpose as a kind, loving being, that will determine how quickly we choose to respond to ANYTHING beyond that door, if we even do at all.

We have an inner life, and we have an outer life.

As we learn to merge the two, we will begin to release the need to engage in "less than" behavior from ourselves, and others.

Learning to release false beliefs about ourselves and others is one of the most important steps in our growth.

With a continual resolve to release these beliefs, we begin to lead a life with more freedom.

Every moment of our waking and dreaming lives are filled with opportunities to self-generate a peaceful existence for ourselves. Allowing others to take us off our center is a learned response, and a choice.

When we become proficient at releasing errant thoughts,

we can also become proficient at releasing the pressures and demands of others.

That is what freedom is about. Emotional and mental freedom, not just physical freedom.

Freedom to make choices without fear of recrimination and guilt is our birthrite.

We are sovereign beings, in a marriage with the human race, far and near.

This must be realized by all humans.

When others feel that they can control us, they have lost their focus on why we are they are here in the first place. When we give others that control, our freedoms become seriously compromised.

When we find within ourselves the grace to work on our own growth as spiritual beings, we step into our true purpose for being here.

Through the practice of self-administering REIKI to myself periodically, I have come to experience a clearer sense of purpose in this life--which is to stay as true to myself as possible...and that is the best that we can do living in this "hurricane-alley," called life.

So "batten down the hatches," trust in Source, but remember to tie up your

We have faced adversity before, and been just fine, all the wiser for the experiences.

Remember who you are--

A drop in the Ocean of Love and Mercy--

I wish you all WELL!

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