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Calling in 'otherworldly' influences to

add to Carnelian, Black Tourmaline

and Hematite, the Meteorite in Sterling

Silver pendant brings

extra-dimensional energy to the


Black Tourmaline adds some needed

grounding for this piece.

(I rarely recommend this, but in

this case, it is definitely necessary)

Hematite is also grounding, but

aids in cleaning the blood of the

wearer, as odd as that sounds.

Carnelian is basically a variety of agate,

but with more finely compacted crystals.

Because of its color, it works to balance

issues of self-esteem and self-worth,

increasing feelings of well-being to those

with security issues, bolstering confidence

in the right direction, not too much, but just

enough to make all the difference.

The Meteorite being of amorphous structure

and integrity, allows for new ways of thinking

to navigate this physical dimension.

Adding another phase of perception,

the meteorite expands our view of things

we might not normally perceive.

Powers of insight are to be handled with

grace and in a balanced way.

This piece is going to be a game-changer,

I can assure you.


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