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All the articles I have written in the REIKI STONE articles are interchangable for the

JEWELRY CREATIONS, but you probably already figured that out.

During the REIKI session, I use certain stones to give an added emphasis to the outcome,

and they can be incorporated (in bead form) as a necklace, bracelet, or earrings to further

their influence in your daily routine.

A good example would be clear quartz, as pictured above. I could use it during the reiki treatment,

then make a necklace out of clear quartz beads/pendant and use only those, or add other stones

to continue the advantage of having used it during the REIKI session.

Clear Quartz brings a freshness of seeing more clearly our individual role in this physical dimension.

It may bring to light things that we might not have otherwise been privy to, like the motives of others.

It also adds a gentle push to other stones, encouraging us to use them in more beneficial ways.

Put a crystal ball between the sun and an object, and the effect is obvious, it can burn a hole in whatever it is held closely

over...further proof that it magnifies whatever it is near.

Clear stones with a little color in them add that particular color's energy to the wearer--

In this case, pink adds the element of love--for self or others.

I would use this stone during the treatment above the head of the client, to begin the

process of healing the heart beginning with the mind.

After the treatment, I would encourage the client to incorporate any pink stones, (not red),

as a necklace over the heart area.

Over time, its influence will soften any anger and resentment issues that may have created

imbalances in the physical body.

I also use many opaque stones, during the REIKI treatment, as they are equally important.

Many times I use the combination clear and opaque as needed to bring balance to my clients.

The use of darker stones provides a stabilizing, grounding energy to the treatment.

Although I encourage clients to completely relax, I want to ensure, with a dark or black stone,

that everyone will be able to function normally within a certain length of time.

Many people experience a sort of euphoria, almost a dream state, while they are receiving a

REIKI treatment. The usual time I have experienced in clients to return fully, is one to two hours.

I recommend a hot bath after the treatment, with sea salt and essential oils.

But I will leave that for another article.

I hope this clears up any questions you may have about which stones to choose for a necklace.

They do not have had to have been used during a REIKI treatment, either in person or at a distance. Distance REIKI treatments have the same exact influence, as do in person treatments, in fact they may actually be better, as we can keep our energy fields clear of any physical matter.


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