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Energy flows into and through this physical

dimension, we are like filters wherever we

choose to position ourselves.

Humans are able to attract more of this

energy to use it for their own benefit,

and for others, with their permission.

As we heal on many levels, with our minds being one of the first places of creation, we are able to transmit and receive information from sources other than our own.

When we believe we will "catch a cold," the mind allows the body to prepare itself to receive said cold.

As above, so below. All the more reason to keep the mind clear of suggestions by others that are less than healthy.

As we can be "suggested" mentally, and successfully I might add, to be less than well, we can also be

prepared energetically to release any filters that we have placed in our energy field that stop us from being healthy.

The purpose of LONG DISTANCE REIKI is to enable the client to first understand there are no barriers to optimum health, save the ones we place on ourselves. Miracles happen every day, spontaneous

healings are not just legends or fiction, they are a reality.

As we are able to heal each other at close proximity, why should distance be perceived as a barrier?

It does not, for those who understand how energy, sometimes referred to as quantum energy, responds to thought and intention.

In the well trained REIKI practitioner, energy is understood to be moveable, as easily as moving your hand in water. Energy can be moved at a distance, as easily as the air-wave is created by the butterfly flapping its wings, to affect the other side of the world.

When one receives LONG-DISTANCE REIKI, one is in the direct energy field of the sender, the REIKI practitioner. The REIKI practitioner that can clear their own energy field of discordant energies will be able to send clearer transmissions of the energetic field that also clears the client's energy field.

Just as we throw a baseball through the air, energy can be sent anywhere to affect changes, for plus or minus. If thoughts are energetic forms that can be sent long distances, so can clearing energies.

Feeling is believing, give long distance a chance to ease tension, pain and imbalances and you will be a believer. I have had great success in this mode of alternative healing, **providing the client is willing to regain their health, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.


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