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Discovering REIKI was and still is, instrumental in my life, while learning to navigate my physical healing process, with the treatment usually held in silence. Since the year 2000, it has been a never-ending source of comfort, for myself, and many of my clients.

As I progressed within the system of USUI REIKI, I received 'attunements' (initiation into the deeper nuances of energy), from a Master REIKI Teacher, eventually receiving the Master certification.

The first and second attunements came within a two year period, from Master Teacher Patricia Williams, pictured on the far right. (I am not pictured here).


I earned the Master certification SIX years later, from the Master REIKI Teacher, Lori Helena.

I felt that many more years were needed to train for the Master certification, as these levels require more time than most students take between them.

With each level of training, I began to experience less pain from serious back injuries incurred while horseback riding. I discovered a more calm, serene way in which to navigate this world.

I began to take REIKI on as a way of being, rather than a place to visit at certain times of the day.

I feel as though REIKI was, and continues to be, for me, a system of energy transference that creates in myself the ability to heal, and to help others heal themselves.

REIKI is an alternative healing modality that has created in me,

a more conducive atmosphere in which my body has had,

and continues to have, the opportunity to change,

whether permanently, or temporarily.

My daily REIKI self-treatments have alleviated pain,

eradicated anxiety, and created an atmosphere of tranquility.

As I progressed in my ability to heal myself in a many-layered fashion--

(physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually),

-- I grew in confidence-- in my ability to help others to heal themselves.

What became glaringly apparent, was the fact that in direct proportion to

my ability to let go of certain beliefs of limitation regarding my own healing process,

the results of the REIKI treatments I gave to myself, and others,

also increased!

What a HUGE discovery, another layer to the natural discovery process of the

world of energy--REIKI energy.

I discovered that this system called REIKI, is merely the discovery, and utilization of the fact that we are energetic beings, with an underlying capability of continually restructuring entire systems in our bodies.

It only made sense that we can affect changes in our bodies with the energy field that continuously emits from our hands, and our whole being.

As I progressed, I discovered the many other energy vortices that lie all over the body,

the palms of the hands being the most obvious.

Ironically, the system of chakras does not mention this 'issue' coming from the hands...

but only recognizes the ones in the spinal column, as illustrated below.

I am still discovering that USUI REIKI is a continuously evolving system of discovering the world of energy, and it's infinite possibilities. There are new forms of REIKI that are used in hospitals and clinics, world-wide, as well as the traditional form.

I invite you to travel this path of discovery with me.

Please feel free to contact me for questions about this amazing form of healing.

OR DM me on Facebook (Ramona Moore)


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