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*Man's fascination with shiny -or dull - clear -or opaque rocks and minerals, has been an ongoing process of discovery, as we adorn and acquaint ourselves with the elements of this planet.

It is the belief of many people in history, and even now,

that stones contain an energy field that affects our bodies...

whether we believe this is true, is based on personal experience...


It is my experience that 'feeling is believing'....

At first, I could only barely feel the energy coming from the point of a crystal, because I was barely aware of my own energetic field.

As I began to discover the energy that flowed from my hands,

I began to sense the energy coming from stones, trees, and even cloud formations.

It was as though a whole new world had opened up for me.

I wanted to share it with others.

I wanted to keep discovering this planet's many energy fields.

Interestingly enough, I kept coming back to stones...

on walks, gathering the ones that stood out in my mind's eye..

sometimes i could feel a change of energy when I held them,

other times I felt nothing, depending on the particular stone.

My jewelry creations ....

actually began with the process of re-purposing beaded jewelry and pendants...

then eventually creating from scratch with loose beads, clasps, and pendants.

I have gone through stages of creating these pieces with almost no metal, to an equal ratio of metal beads to stone beads...and all the stages in between.

This unfolding experience of discovering the inherent properties of the stones and how they affect our bodies and minds...

has been a great joy that I have shared with so many people.

The metaphysical properties of gemstones,

and many other stones, aid in the process of achieving and maintaining the delicate balance of mind, body, and spirit.


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