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Our strongest sense can bring back memories that can evoke a myriad of emotions.

Just one inhalation can lead us into joy, or it can send us spiraling out of control, reminding us of the unpleasantries that this world can offer.

I find that one or more fragrances introduced before the REIKI treatment can enhance it,

particularly if the choice brings a level of relaxation.

As all plants emit a fragrance, they each have their own frequency they operate within, the energetic

level at which they can seed, sprout, flower and disintegrate in.

A grass, such as VETIVER, does not require the same level of energy to produce its fragrance, as does a fruit tree. Energetically, VETIVER being green in color, heals on many levels. It has been used to uplift and encourage thoughts of kindness toward oneself and others, the desire to comfort oneself in times of stress and anxiety.

The green oil of VETIVER corresponds with the heart chakra, and can alleviate emotions that hamper our peace of mind.

The aroma of LEMON trees in the summer breeze is cleansing on many levels.

Their yellow color affects the solar plexus chakra, invigorating it to exercise

its will to do its best. LEMON'S contribution to the world of food and drink is a

gift that has kept many a sailor from contracting scurvy.

LAVENDER calms the nerves and is relaxing. It is known to benefit spiritual pursuits among many a meditator. It is associated with the crown chakra, alleviating headaches and insomnia.

PEPPERMINT is soothing to the stomach, being green in color, it heals on many levels.

Physically, PEPPERMINT freshens anything it touches, energetically it cleans any area of

discordant energy.

Another citrus, ORANGE fragrance is calming, encouraging a sense that we can make it through anything as long as we don't try to take on too much at a time. ORANGE is the color of the second chakra, relating to issues of security. When we smell ORANGE, it is our natural inclination to stop and smell the sweet things of life, letting all other cares drop away.

EUCALYPTUS is a tree whose leaves give an oil that is like no other. The many varieties of EUCALYPTUS oil are super-charged "clearing agents."

Not only does it clear the air of stagnant energies, it uplifts the senses to their normal operating range. My favorite is lemon EUCALYPTUS oil, as it is more citrus in its nature, than the regular varieties.

I hope this short list gives you food for thought, maybe one on the list might be just the next new fragrance to spice up your life.

Using fragrances during the REIKI treatment is purely personal...and I find out first which blend or single will be best for the treatment, depending on the client's preferences.


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